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 «YELLOW PAGES UZBEKISTAN 2014/2015» directory book - №16 edition

«YELLOW PAGES UZBEKISTAN 2014/2015» directory book is the fifteenth edition, annually published with the name of «YELLOW PAGES» world brand. «YELLOW PAGES» company having a long-term experience at the Uzbekistan market gives you a possibility to place information about your company on our reference book pages according to your activity branches FREE of charge.

Thus «YELLOW PAGES» company guarantees:

1) Wide distribution - drawing is 16.000 copies of the printed and electronic version.
2) Information availability - directory spreads through all organizations in exchange of questionnaire data about organization with the purpose of placing it or updating in directory data base FREE of charge.
3) High quality of polygraphs – it is permanent control after the pre-printed preparation and printing process itself.
4) Tested information - information actuality is 90%.

How to get

All companies, working in Uzbekistan, have a right to get free the directory book after filling the questionnaire. Your company gets into the «YELLOW PAGES UZBEKISTAN 2014/2015» directory book after filling the questionnaire.

All your questions toward filling the questionnaire and free receipt «YELLOW PAGES UZBEKISTAN 2014/2015» directory book  you can ask on phone numbers in Tashkent city: (+998 71) 283-36-32, 291-77-24.

Also you can get our questionnaire HERE: «MS Word” format (size - 110 Kb)

*Pay attention, this suggestion is actually for companies working in Uzbekistan only. For the companies from CIS countries the cost of directory book is 100 USD in accounting the sending by mail.

«MIR USLUG (WORLD of SERVICES) 2015/2016» - 2- edition

«YELLOW PAGES» company is glad to present you the first edition of «MIR USLUG 2015/2016»   informative - explanatory branch directory book.  The directory book it has been publishing annually in III quarter of the year.
Basic advantages and differences from analogical editions of this directory book are maintenance of information about organizations, which give different services to the population.  The new directory is prepared with useful search of information and interesting design.
«MIR USLUG» - directory book, contains information about service organizations, not only with their addresses and phone data but also about their service types, work hours, form of payment, etc. It allows users before calling to the company decide to which of them they should call and which not to.
Advertising, placed in this directory, affects large audience of potential clients for a long time, as spreads not only among legal entities but also physicals, through the different distribution channels.
It’s useful for user, as it takes off part of preliminary information searches and allows getting a necessary variant of information without additional temporal expenses. This type of advertising, does not irritate your potential client, but helps him to find the necessary information.
You can apply your questions about getting the «MIR USLUG 2015/2016» directory on phone numbers in Tashkent city: (+998 71) 283-36-32, 291-77-23.

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