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2673324, (99890)8084670

City code: вн.(371) межд.(71)

Faxes: 2673324

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Address: Uzbekistan, 100061, TASHKENT, MIRZO-ULUGBEK area, KORABULAK street, 21.

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There are phone numbers, addresses, location and other contacts, including e-mail addresses placed here. By using the Bee-keeping division in TASHKENT, TASHKENT area, you may quickly find necessary data about local companies, including their work hours, reference-points, which help easily to find a road to them.

A database, which contains all information about Bee-keeping in TASHKENT, regularly brushes and filled up by new data, and changes in already existent information. employees check all getting information for providing the maximal authenticity of them. Thus, we provide exactness and actuality of information about Bee-keeping in TASHKENT, a list of which is given in this division. Bringing of the information into data base is carried out only after confirmation.

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