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71 2633446

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE #124

Brand name: POST OFFICE #124

Address: Uzbekistan, 100124, Tashkent, MIRZO-ULUGBEK DISTRICT, massif FERUZA, 48


71 2335602

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 1

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 1

Address: Uzbekistan, 100001, Tashkent, MIRABAD DISTRICT, avenue ISLAM KARIMOV, 6

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71 2440346

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 2

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 2

Address: Uzbekistan, 100002, Tashkent, ALMAZAR DISTRICT, street FAROBI, 7

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71 2672746

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 7

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 7

Address: Uzbekistan, 100007, Tashkent, MIRZO-ULUGBEK DISTRICT, avenue MIRZO ULUGBEK, 32 А

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71 2205877

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 9

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 9

Address: Uzbekistan, 100009, Tashkent, YUNUSABAD DISTRICT, street KHASANBOY, 5 А

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71 2445129

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 11

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 11

Address: Uzbekistan, 100011, Tashkent, SHAYKHANTAKHUR DISTRICT, avenue NAVOI, 26

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66 2316339

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 119

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 119

Address: Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, Samarkand, street MINSK, 60


71 2580400

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 12

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 12

Address: Uzbekistan, 100012, Tashkent, SERGELI DISTRICT, massif SERGELI-2,

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71 2552916

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 15

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 15

Address: Uzbekistan, 100015, Tashkent, MIRABAD DISTRICT, street FIDOKOR, 10

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71 2963901

Country code: +998

Legal name: POST OFFICE № 16

Brand name: POST OFFICE № 16

Address: Uzbekistan, 100016, Tashkent, YASHNABAD DISTRICT, street ELBEK, 26

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