Справочник BULUNGUR REGION – список компаний и фирм с адресами и телефонами, а также др. контактами

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91 5282177

Country code: +998



Address: Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, Bulungur region, street SOKHIBKOR, 7


94 3702025

Country code: +998

E-mail: Write message

Web site: fitoagroimpex.uz



Address: Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, Bulungur region, makhalla AMIRA TEMURA,


91 5250660

Country code: +998

Legal name: KOLIBRI LLC

Brand name: KOLIBRI LLC

Address: Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, Bulungur region, street GALABA, 15

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for current month (January 2021): 74

for last month (December 2020): 84

for 3 month (October 2020 - December 2020): 291

for half year (July 2020 - December 2020): 428

for year (January 2020 - December 2020): 1109


Portal Yellow Pages Uzbekistan presents a detailed business directory Bulungur region.

Here you will find detailed information about companies and organizations of the city and can directly contact their representatives. You also get the opportunity to place data of your own firms and institutions Bulungur region on favorable terms. What opportunities does our website catalog Bulungur region offer, and what is your benefit when using its services? We will consider all the advantages of the online directory Yellow Pages of Uzbekistan, open to advertisers and those who are looking for information about companies, organizations and enterprises Bulungur region.

All about companies Bulungur region: phone numbers, addresses, services and other information

Experience, high degree of responsibility and creative approach of Yellow Pages Uzbekistan specialists to the provision of services resulted in the fact that already about 11,100 enterprises, organizations and firms Bulungur region registered their business on our website. Therefore, by referring to our services, you will receive the most complete, reliable and relevant information. Search for all organizations and companies Bulungur region in the Yellow Pages Uzbekistan reference portal can be performed using various filters. Here you will find interesting information on such features as:

  • legal and brand name of the organization or company Bulungur region;
  • full address or fragment thereof, as well as the nearest landmarks;
  • contact phone numbers of organizations Bulungur region, including fax numbers;
  • rubrics and keywords characterizing the activities of firms and organizations.

Separately, we add that on the information page about the company or enterprise chosen by you Bulungur region you can also find statistical data about visits to this section for the current month and previous periods. In addition, many entrepreneurs order website-cards from us that allow them to acquaint visitors in detail with their activities, services and offers.

Advantages of searching in the business directory Bulungur region on Yellow Pages

By searching for organizations and companies Bulungur region using the Yellow Pages of Uzbekistan reference portal, you get a number of beneficial advantages, namely:

  • relevant and reliable information, which is necessarily checked and verified by the portal staff;
  • convenient classification system that categorizes all companies in Bulungur region into categories according to the most popular requests;
  • free use of the service, including an available version for mobile operating systems;
  • the opportunity to order a paid sample of all organizations and enterprises Bulungur region on the specified parameters;
  • multilingual interface (Uzbek, Russian and English), which allows to use the service to visitors from different countries.

Separately, we add that although information about all firms Bulungur region is periodically checked for relevance, we do not always have time to track changes in addresses, phone numbers and other data in a timely manner. Therefore, the staff of the reference portal Yellow Pages of Uzbekistan will be sincerely grateful to you If you let us know when you detect errors or outdated data.

Online registry of organizations Bulungur region Yellow pages for advertisers

The online directory Bulungur region Yellow Pages invites all entrepreneurs and managers who want to expand their business opportunities for cooperation. We offer quite attractive conditions for posting your information. Firstly, our catalog of organizations Bulungur region will provide for you the maximum increase in visits from the target audience. Secondly, we offer affordable price using an individual approach to each client.

In addition, representatives of all organizations and firms Bulungur region who have posted data about their business here, get good prospects for entering the foreign market. The site is actively visited in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia, which allows companies and organizations Bulungur region to improve relations with foreign partners, investors and customers. If you have additional questions regarding the placement of data about your organisation or company Bulungur region on Yellow Pages Uzbekistan, you can always use the help of our consultants by calling them on the hotline or writing to an email address.

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