BVB-ALYANS LLC, Tashkent, Uzbekistan - contacts, address, telephone

Country code: +998


Legal name: BVB-ALYANS LLC

Brand name: BVB-ALYANS LLC

Address: Uzbekistan, 100084, Tashkent, Yunusabad district, avenue AMIR TEMUR, 107 B, block C, floor 2, office №C-8, №C-9


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  • Where is BVB-ALYANS LLC located?
    BVB-ALYANS LLC is located at the address: Uzbekistan, 100084, TASHKENT, YUNUSABAD area, AMIR TEMUR avenue, 107 Б, блок C, этаж 2, офис №C-8, №C-9. .
  • How to get to BVB-ALYANS LLC?
    To build a route, you can use the map on our website.
  • BVB-ALYANS LLC telephone numbers?
    You can call BVB-ALYANS LLC on telephone numbers . +998 71... display
  • BVB-ALYANS LLC website URL?
    BVB-ALYANS LLC website URL -





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