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Country code: +998

E-mail: info@nssmed.uz




Address: Uzbekistan, 100000, Tashkent, Almazar district, street FAROBI, 449Б

Ambulatory surgery - services

Analisys for antibodies

Analisys for parasites

Analyses for virus of hepatitis - services

Analysis for COVID (coronavirus)

Analysis of allergy - services

Analysis of blood lipid profile - services

Analysis of fecal on scatology - services

Analysis of urine - services

Analysis on bilirubin



Assays for TORCH - services

Biochemical analysis of blood - service

Blood analysis for rheumatic test

Blood test

Blood test for tumor markers - services

Blood tests for sugar - services

Coagulation (gemostaziogramma) of blood - services for analysis

Cosmetic surgery

Culture test analysis


Diagnostic laboratory


Eyelid surgery - services

Feces analysis on helminth eggs - services


Hormonal research - services

IGG and IGM antibody tests

Ingrown nail - services - treatment, removal

Laser surgery - services

Liposuction - services

Mammography - services

Medicine - Diagnostic, Consultation, Treatment

Medicine - Plastic surgery

PCR tests for coronavirus

Plastic nose - services

Plastic surgery (mammoplasty) - services

Private clinics

Reconstructional and lazer surgery

Removal of hems, Removal of scars

Semen analysis - services

Tests for sexually transmitted infections - services

Thyroid medication

Ultrasonic researches

Ultrasonography at pregnancy - services

Ultrasonography of kidneys and adrenal glands - services

Ultrasonography of mammary glands - services

Ultrasonography of peritoneal cavity - services

Ultrasonography of prostate gland - services

Ultrasonography of thyroid gland - services


Vascular surgery - services


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Country code: +998

Faxes: 71 2677190

E-mail: office@fortek.uz


Legal name: FORTEK LLC

Brand name: FORTEK LLC

Address: Uzbekistan, 100170, Tashkent, Mirzo-ulugbek district, travel 6-st SAYRAM, 13 A

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Analysis for COVID (coronavirus)

Automatic analyzers - Sales, Production

Automobile scales - Sales, Production

Baby scales - sale, production

Bactericidal recirculators - sale, production

Binocular microscopes - sale, production

Biochemistry analyzers - sale, production

Chemical reagents

Computer software - sales, design

Conductivity salimeter - sale, production

Dental autoclaves - sale, production

Dental chairs - sale, production

Dental equipment - sale, production

Dental materials - sale, production

Dental X-ray equipment - sale, production

Diagnostic reagents - sale, production

Digital X-Rays - sale, production

Disc filters for water - sale, production

Distillers - sale, production

Electrocardiography, ECG machines - sale, production

Exhaust hoods - sale, production

Filters - Industrial

Filters - Water and other

Floor scales - sale, production

Food industry - Equipment

Hematology analyzers - sale, production

Household water filters - sale, production

IGG and IGM antibody tests

Industrial filters for water - sale

Industrial scales - sale, production

Installation of water filters

Laboratory centrifuges - sale, production

Laboratory drying ovens - sale, production

Laboratory equipment

Laboratory glassware - sale, production

Laboratory scales - sale, production

Laboratory water bath - sale, production

LED lamps operating - sale, production

Medical autoclaves - sale, production

Medical beds - sale, production

Medical electronic scales - sale, production

Medical equipment - Sale, Production

Medical equipment- Disposable syringes, Infusion & Transfusion systems

Medical equipment repairs

Medical expendable materials - sale, production

Medical industry - Production of instruments, Equipment, Items

Mobile, portable X-ray machines - sales, production

Operating tables, surgical tables - sale, production

Patient Monitors - sale, production

PCR tests for coronavirus

Pharmaceutical equipment and instruments

Phonendoscopes, stethoscopes - sale

Platform scales - sale, production

Pulse oximeters - sale, production

Scales - sales, production

Sterilizers - sale, production

Stomatologic equipment and tools

Ultrasound machines - sale, production

Wagon scales - sale, production

Water filters for domesti - sale, production

Weighing equipment

Weight indicators - sale, production

X-Ray equipment - Sale, Production

X-ray machines - sale, production

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