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71 2983522, 71 2985400

Country code: +998

Faxes: 71 2985400

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Address: Uzbekistan, 100100, Tashkent, YASHNABAD DISTRICT, street KATTA OLMOS, 24

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Tashkent clinics represents full list clinics and hospitals in Tashkent. Please, see detailed information of each medical office and make your best choice using address and other characteristics which are so important for each patient. This column demonstrates how to use list of Tashkent medical centres, hospitals and private clinics and appreciate all advantages of our website as follows. opportunities of Tashkent clinics and medical centres

Hospitals in Tashkent

This column provides our visitorsи with profitable opportunities and benefits as follows:

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Tashkent medical centers

This is not full list of the opportunities which our website opens for visitors who search information of Tashkent hospitals and clinics or would like to record new information of these medical offices.

How to to search Tashkent hospitals and clinics through

Private Tashkent clinics important feature is multifunction search of Tashkent clinics by addresses, telephones, landmarks and services. Our personnel have made deeper selections you can search using each of these characteristics. You select filter from list of Tashkent clinics and press a button "Find out". Please, see basic characteristics to search information in list of Tashkent private clinics and public medical offices as follows:

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Clinics addresses in Tashkent

If you are troubled, please, contact anytime personnel by free of charge telephone hot line. We provide true information promptly that are very important as you search addresses of Tashkent clinics or other information of the medical offices. searches medical centres and hospitals in Tashkent

Tashkent hospitals address

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List of Tashkent clinics and hospitals personnel create best conditions for searchers of the information by Tashkent hospitals (addresses and telephones, landmarks and specialities) and owners of these medical offices. We hope that you appreciate our efforts and outcomes which comply with your requirements absolutely!

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