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Country code: +998

Faxes: 78 1501435

E-mail: endo.systems.uz@gmail.com




Address: Uzbekistan, 100000, Tashkent, Chilanzar district, street KICHIK KHALKA YULI, 45

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Analysis of urine - services


Apparatus echvch, coagulators, electrosurgical high-frequency devices - sale

Apparatus for ozonotherapy - sale, production

Artificial Lung Ventilation Machines - sale, production

Automatic analyzers - Sales, Production

Biochemical analysis of blood - service

Blood test

Coagulation (gemostaziogramma) of blood - services for analysis

Colposcopy - services

Compressor inhalers (Nebulizers) - Sale


Diagnostic centers

Diagnostic laboratory

Diagnostic reagents - sale, production

Digital radiography - services

Digital X-Rays - sale, production

Electrocardiography, ECG machines - sale, production


Equipment for disinfection - sale, production

Equipment for disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments - sale, production


Gastroscopy - services

Gynecological chairs - sale, production


Holmium laser - sale, production

Holter ECG monitoring - sale, production

Hormonal research - services

Hospitals and clinics

Laboratory equipment

Laser surgery - services

LED lamps operating - sale, production

Medical beds - sale, production

Medical centers

Medical equipment - Sale, Production

Medical equipment - Service maintenance, Repair

Medical expendable materials - sale, production

Medical industry - Production of instruments, Equipment, Items

Medical instruments - sale, manufacturing

Medical laboratory

Nasal washing - services

Neurosonography (ultrasonography of brain newborn's) - services

Non-surgical treatment of BPH - services

Operating tables, surgical tables - sale, production


Patient Monitors - sale, production


Public health services

Removal of gallstones - services

Removing kidney stones - services

Sterilizers - sale, production

Ultrasonic nebulizer - Sale

Ultrasound machines - sale, production

Ultrasound scanners - sale, production


X-Ray equipment - Sale, Production

X-ray machines - sale, production

X-ray, Radiography


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Country code: +998

E-mail: info@imed.uz




Address: Uzbekistan, 100099, Tashkent, Yunusabad district, street CHINABAD, 10 A

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Country code: +998

Faxes: 71 2814365

E-mail: micros@ucd.uz



Brand name: MICROS TM

Address: Uzbekistan, 100025, Tashkent, Yakkasaray district, street KICHIK BESH-YOGOCH, 86

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Air extractors - sale, production

Air heaters - sale, production

Air purifiers - sale, production

Air-conditioners - Sales

Alcohol testers, breathalyzer - Production, Sales, Repair

Android courses

Antivirus - sale

Automated document management systems - Development, Implementation

Automatic control systems

Automation of retail stores, outlets - services

Automation pharmacies for pharmacy software - introduction, development

Axial fans - sale, production

Baby scales - sale, production

Barcode printers - sale, production

Biochemistry analyzers - sale, production

Bitrix Site Management System (Bitrix) - sales, design, implementation

Cases for notebooks - sale, production

Cash registers - sale, production

Channel ventilator - sale, production

Cloud PBX (Virtual PBX)

Computer courses

Computer software - sales, design

Computers - Training

Computers - Upgrade, Repair and service

Control systems of employees - sale

Copiers - sales, production

Courses for pupils

Courses of Photoshop, CorelDraw

Courses of system (network) administration

Courses, photographs training

Crane scales - sale, production

Creating web sites of any complexity - services

CRM Systems - Development, Implementation

Daikin air conditioners - sale

DECT cordless phones - sale

Diagnostic reagents - sale, production

Digital X-Rays - sale, production

Domestic ventilators - sale, production

Dr web antivirus - sale

Ducted air conditioning - installation, assembly

Education to computer graphics

Education web programming (PHP, HTML, JavaScript)

Education, training

Electrocardiography, ECG machines - sale, production

Electronic cash registers (ECR), machines - sale, production

Electronic scales - sale, production

Equipment for IP telephony - sale, production

ESET NOD32 antivirus - sale

Excel courses

Floor scales - sale, production

Flow meters - sale, production

Graphic design courses

Hardware and software for call centers

Hematology analyzers - sale, production

High-speed Internet - connection services

Home Internet - connection services

Industrial air conditioners - installation and assembly

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Internet FTTB - connection services

Internet providers

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JAVA courses

Kaspersky Antivirus - sale

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Laptops - Sale

Learn the three-dimensional design (AutoCad, ArchiCad, 3DS MAX)

Licensed software - Elaboration, Sale

Licensed software - sale, development

LINUX administration courses

Magnetic resonance tomographs (MRT) - sale, production

Medical electronic scales - sale, production

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Medical expendable materials - sale, production

Medical industry - Production of instruments, Equipment, Items

Microsoft software - sale

Mosquito nets - sale, production

Motion sensors - sale, production

Multifunction devices (MFP) - sale, production

Office equipment - Materials

Office internet - connection services

Photocopiers XEROX - sale, production

Plastic doors

Plastic windows

Plastic windowsills - sale, production

Platform scales - sale, production

Polygraphy equipment, Printing equipment

POS terminals - sale, production

Pressure sensors - sale, production

Printer checks - sale, production

Programming training, programming courses

Programs for restaurants, Restaurant automation - Development, Implementation

Projectors - sale, production

Repair of notebooks

Scales - sales, production

Sealing machine and tapes packages - sale, production

Security - Equipment, Tracking loops

Security cameras - sale, production

Setting of security cameras

Split systems - sale, production

Stained glass plastic

Supply ventilation systems - sale, production

Systems of multilevel protection and cybersecurity - sale, introduction

Tower conditioners - sale, production

Trainig centers

Training center of programmers

Ultrasound machines - sale, production

Ultrasound scanners - sale, production

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Unlimited Internet - connection services

UPS for computers (PC) - sale

Ventilation grilles, fan grilles - sale, production

Ventilation systems and equipment - Sales

Video intercoms - sale, production

Video supervision - Systems, Devices, Components

Video walls - sale, delivery, installation

Vocational cources

VRF Air conditioners - sale, production

Wagon scales - sale, production

Warehouse software, Warehouse automation - Implementation, Development

Weighing equipment

Weight indicators - sale, production

Window air-conditioners - sale, production

Windows and frames made from PVC - sale, production

Windows operating system - sale

X-Ray equipment - Sale, Production

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